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Car belts and rollers

Our product range includes drive belts for almost all car brands. You can quickly find the right part in our catalog in accordance with the characteristics of your car. 

The drive belt is a connecting part between the pulleys and the drive shaft, which, due to the friction force, transmits torque from the engine to them. 

In order for your car to serve for a long time without failures, it is necessary to carry out its timely maintenance. One of the most important vehicle maintenance procedures is the drive belt inspection, which, among other things, will help identify cracks, defects, deformations and delaminations at the edges of the drive belt, which can be the result of either too much or too little tension. In such cases, the drive belt must be replaced.

In addition to the visual inspection of the belt, there is also a replacement time period regulated by the car manufacturer. By installing CARBERRY belts, you can be sure that the belt will last the specified time period without loss of performance.

All CARBERRY car components are covered by 12 calendar months warranty, that starts from purchasing day.


The profile of the CARBERRY V-belt has the form of a truncated wedge or trapezoid with service sides. The principle of its operation does not differ from other types of drive belts: it transfers the torque from the pulley, increasing the traction. 

The cord is the main component of the belt, which bears the main load along the profile section. It is made of modernized synthetic the most durable materials: polyester, nylon, aramid. The central layer of the cord is the basis of the profile, it is covered with a fabric - the outer layer, also consisting of durable and wear-resistant raw materials.

V-ribbed belts

The design of the CARBERRY V-ribbed belt is similar to the V-belt in terms of appearance and principle of operation. The cord, located in the center, takes most of the load and is made of durable synthetic materials. The cord is the main component of the belt, it is responsible for transmitting torque. 

The CARBERRY V-ribbed belt consists of several wedges in the one line, usually from 3 to 12. This is the main difference between this type of belt, its working part, and a wedge one consisting of one wedge. This design allows this type of belt to be more durable and withstand high loads in terms of torsion, since V-ribbed belts usually operate with small diameter pulleys, at high speeds and with high loads. CARBERRY V-ribbed belts are made of the most advanced materials, and provide maximum reliability and durability.


The belt tensioner pulley is a special element that properly tensions the drive belt. Car owners often learn they have this roller only if the worst comes to the worst - either when the time has come to replace the gas distribution mechanism, or the roller itself has failed.

The pulleys operate continuously - as at traffic lights so, when driving along the highway, and when the engine is warming up at the parking lot. Naturally, they wear out. 

We advise you to replace the rollers together with the installation of a new belt. Often, the savings on the pulley further results in unplanned costs for the urgent replacement of the belt and rollers. 

Reasons to choose Carberry products:

  1. Ease of selection. Using our catalog, you can easily find everything you need in a special search query or in the detailed sections of the website.
  2. Carberry warrants its products for 12 calendar months from the date of purchase.
  3. A QR-code is printed on each package of our products, allowing you to check the correct selection of products in real time. To find the part you need, go to the product selection form.
  4. Wide product range. The names in the catalog are regularly updated, so finding the right set of spare parts is simple and fast. You can also contact our specialist for advice. 
  5. The high quality of Carberry products is confirmed by European experience, all products meet the requirements of world standards and are certified according to EAEU standards.
  6. Reliability. All factories of Carberry GmbH are certified according to the ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality system. Each of them is equipped with a research center, where manufacturing processes are controlled and a high level of product reliability is ensured.

Belt tensioner

Carberry alternator belt tensioners are manufactured from high strength, advanced materials to ensure maximum reliability and durability. 

The drive belt tensioner is the heart of the belt operation. This is the unit that is responsible for the optimal belt tension and ensures the stable operation of the vehicle's auxiliary systems, such as the alternator, air conditioner, power steering pump, etc. The design of any drive tensioner includes a tension unit that creates the necessary force, and a pulley that transmits it to the belt.

Both the drive belt itself and its tensioner have a limited resource, which working out requires replacement. 

Tensioner wear signs: 

Upsides of the Carberry belt tensioner: