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Carberry GmbH received the MAK (World Automotive Components) Award

The "World Automotive Components" Award is one of the most important events on the Russian automotive component manufacturers market. Every year more and more interest is growing to the contest, gaining momentum both among reputable experts in the industry and among ordinary car enthusiasts.

In 2018, over 25,000 people voted for the award nominees, among which there were 230 brands from 25 countries. Numerous Internet users, representatives of auto dealerships and service stations, distributors of automotive components - all participated in a large-scale voting, which resulted in the selection of winners in a wide variety of nominations.

In an exciting festive atmosphere, leading automotive component manufacturers received their coveted deserved statues. Carberry GmbH won the "Dynamic Brand Development in Russia" nomination.

The company's general director, Eduard Digel, noted that this victory is the best evidence of recognition of the results of the hard and fruitful work of a team of professionals, engaged in the development of such brands as BLITZ, FIXAR, FREE-Z, GREEN FILTER, TORR, HAFT.

Carberry GmbH is not going to stop there: the main vector of our work is continuous improvement and enhancement. We are very pleased to receive the MAK award in Russia, which reflects an independent expert opinion on the automotive component manufacturing market. Customers have already loved our brands, they trust our quality products - and we, in turn, will try to continue to delight them and find professional solutions for the industry as a whole.


Good news for motorists: Carberry company is expanding its presence in the automotive market. And this means that high-quality German parts and auto components will become even more accessible.

Just a few years ago, the Carberry GmbH company, specializing in the supply of automotive components, set for itself a difficult task - to provide motorists with spare parts, equal in quality to original parts from the assembly line, and at affordable prices. As time has shown, the company's bid for quality and affordable prices has fully justified itself - dealers and representatives of companies from many countries are actively interested in branded products. In particular, the company recently signed four more new distribution contracts in Russia, and the first shipments to the regions under these contracts have already started.

This success of Carberry was partly predetermined, because it is based on three “whales”. First, it is the use of original innovative solutions. Due to this fact, the safety margin of parts and components exceeds the requirements of automakers, and the cost of automotive components remains within the framework of the average price segment of the market. Secondly, this is warranty. All products of the company are guaranteed for 12 calendar months from the date of purchase. Thirdly, the use of QR codes on product packaging. These codes help to avoid the acquisition of counterfeit products and facilitate the process of selecting the necessary parts. Besides, users can, using the QR code, immediately clarify the compatibility of the selected product with a car model.

Note that the company has a special program aimed at further expanding cooperation with regional distributors. High quality of the products offered, a wide range of products, well-developed logistics, flexible pricing policy, advertising support - all this makes Carberry one of the most attractive partners in the automotive component market.